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Community Science

Help us build a better understanding of harbor porpoises populations in 

the Salish Sea!

Becoming a Community Scientist is a great way to get involved in our research while working within your own schedule. Simply complete our online training, and begin conducting observations - it's that simple!

Self-Paced Virtual Training

On Your Schedule

Simple Submission Process

Contribute To Critical Scientific Research

Becoming A Community Scientist

Shopping Online

Step 1: Online Training

Request access to our on-demand virtual training program, then work through it at your own pace. You'll learn all you need to feel confident and prepared to conduct observations!


Step 2: Complete Quizzes

Worked through the training materials? It's time to test your knowledge! You must pass both virtual quizzes before receiving your Community Scientist certification. 

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Step 3: Start Observing!

Once you've passed both quizzes, you can officially begin conducting harbor porpoise observations! Download the EpiCollect5 app and submit your data via the Community Science form.

Submitting Your Observation Data Is Simple!

  1. Download the EpiCollect5 app for Android or Apple. 

  2. Search for the "PacMam Community Science" project.

  3. Select the project and submit your data via the app!

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Start Here!

Ready to become a PacMam Community Scientist?! 

Get started today by requesting the training materials below. 

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