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Research Internships

Our internships are ideal for students and recent graduates, or those who wish to expand their working knowledge of marine mammal research. We do not have any specific requirements for degrees or qualifications: it’s more important to us that candidates are thoughtful, curious, and passionate about the marine environment!

*All 2024 Internship cohorts are now FULL and we are not taking new applications at this time. 

Check back in August/September to apply for 2025 cohorts.

Benefits of PacMam Internships


Intern on sailboat

"In May of 2023, I joined the amazing team of marine biologists at Pacific Mammal Research as an intern and have had one of the most rewarding experiences.  I am planning on continuing my academic career with a master’s degree, but I wanted to gain more field experience before jumping back into school. My time at PacMam has given me just that, and more. I got experience with taking data on observation sheets in the field and wildlife photography for harbor porpoise and harbor seal ID’s. I also was able to work on their bioacoustics project by analyzing data retrieved from their passive acoustic monitoring device. Both Cindy and Kat prioritize their interns and want everyone to get the most out of their internship at PacMam. Along with everything else, I have gained valuable advice when it comes to graduate school and my career. Thank you Cindy and Kat for your passion for science, educating your community and opening the doors for future marine scientists to gain valuable experiences and skills that they will take with them forever."

Carsen Vannoy, May - November 2023

The Details

PacMam Research Internships are part-time (12-16 hours per week) and consistent of  fieldwork + a data-based project. There are 3 internship positions available during each internship period:

  • March - May

  • June - August

  • September - November
    *All 2024 cohorts are currently full.


Fieldwork is located in Anacortes, Washington, U.S.A. Our fieldwork is land-based and weather dependent, so having some flexibility in availability during the week is strongly recommended. Successful candidates must be willing/able to live within reasonable driving distance of Anacortes for the required 3-month duration of the internship.


Current data projects include: 

- Harbor seal identification
- Passive acoustic data processing

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Become A Research Intern!

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Current Interns
Samantha Lopez - harbor porpoise dorsal fin identification. 

Sophie Meringoff - harbor porpoise photo-identification catalog. 

Desiree Aponte - harbor seal identification and seasonality.

Shanti Nelson - social media & outreach.

Merlot Bingham - harbor seal identification.
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