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Volunteer With Us

Help us conduct vital research on resident marine mammals, share your knowledge with community members at fun local events, and learn more about being a marine biologist!

We welcome volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and have a wide variety of different jobs and tasks you can help with. If you are interested in a more committed volunteer position, ask one of our team about our internship opportunities!

How You Can Help

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Join Us In The Field!

Group of volunteers looking for harbor porpoise in Burrows Pass

Participate in innovative scientific research by becoming a field volunteer! Join our Research Team and record data, look for animals, and learn more about PacMam’s work, marine mammals of the Salish Sea, and our marine environment. This is a great opportunity to get involved in our work and give back to your community, while enjoying the wonders and beauty of Washington's marine environment!

(Note: Fieldwork requires a moderate hike on an uneven trail and sitting outdoors for 2 hours.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you do fieldwork?

Field sessions are land-based and held in Washington Park, Anacortes. Access to our study site is via a moderate 10-minute hike over uneven ground on a primitive trail.

When are sessions available?

We conduct fieldwork year-round! There are typically 2-4 field sessions available each week, Monday - Friday (depending on the weather), with 3 spaces open for volunteers or interns.

I don't have a biology background, can I still help?

Absolutely! We'll teach you everything you need to know to assist with our research, so whether you're interested in marine mammals, the marine environment, or just love being out in nature, you are welcome to volunteer with us!

What equipment will I need?

You will need hiking boots or sturdy shoes with good traction, as the trail can be slippery! Otherwise, we recommend wearing warm layers (Washington weather is unpredictable!) and something to sit on (cushions or pads work well). Binoculars are helpful but not required.

How often do I need to do fieldwork if I become a volunteer?

As often as you'd like! There is not set number of sessions or hours that we require from volunteers, so you can join us as frequently or infrequently as your schedule allows. If you want to volunteer consistently or receive a more structured experience, check out our Research Internships

Sound fun?

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Volunteer Impacts

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